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Getting around in the Philippines is not the same as Europe or USA, important here if you want to travel this wonderful country is "be patient" often the coordination between land-/sea-/and -air transport is unbelievable bad. Waiting 3 - 4 hours between each journey is common. For a local Filipino it is no problem though, just lean back and take a nap or chika chika with people around you. Getting up to us in Bantayan Island, foreigners do not have to spend time bite their nails or unpatient look at their watch. The connection between bus and ferryboat is fairly good. The trip with bus, just to mention, is actually a beautiful trip and sometimes even a cultural experience, all depending on the bus company you choose.

Bus connection from Cebu North bus terminal, Cebu City - Hagnaya port is:

Departure start 3 AM. there is 4-5 different bus lines driving to Hagnaya, calculate your travel time by bus to around 3 - 3,5 hours, they mostly make a 15 minutes break at the halfway. (Filipinos do seldom travel more than 1 hour without having or bringing snack) the price for the trip from Cebu City - Hagnaya is 130-150 peso, depending bus lines and if with or without aircon

The trip, with Island Shipping, from Hagnaya - Sta. Fe, Bantayan Island, takes around 1 hour, though it is also a nice trip, occasionally you can watch dolphins but always you can see flying fish end fishermen standing up in their small bancas in open sea, that even the waves is fairly high for such a small "nut shell". The ferryboat is not European standard, though the safety equipment is there and in order. Departure is 06.30 AM -thereafter mostly every hour till 5.30 PM. therefore if you like to arrive in daylight, then you better get up early in Cebu. The price for this trip is 180 peso including pier tax.

From our guest Chris Den Dulk, the trip is to look at as follow (he is right) Once you are in Cebu it is a piece of cake. Go to the Nothern bus terminal.
Take the bus for Bogo. There are many, and we took the basic bus for the open windows and the photographic opportunities.
No aircon but it is not a problem once the vehicle is in motion.
Trip is about 3 hours. It is so cheap that I even forget the price.
Bogo is a great city so get a pension house there for the night. ( Very cheap. ) No need to book in advance unless there is a festival. Take a look around in a tricycle, wonderful.
Take a tricycle to Hagnaya Port. Few pesos and 20 minutes ride.
The ferry service to Bantayan Island is excellent. One every 2 hours mostly.
Again, just a few pesos.
Then it is a tricycle ride to St Bernards, pedal power. Do give the young blokes at least 50 pesos for this service, they work hard. But then you will be rewarded with a huge smile and exclusive service at all times!

The reverse trip we did to Cebu in less than 5 hours. ( 9.30am ferry from Banayan Island saw us in Mandaue Cebu by 2.30pm.)

To everyone at St Bernards, THANKYOU. We will return.

Chris den Dulk Dunedin New Zealand.

Last modified: July 2018

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